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Welcoming Markus Zachiel

Okay, I haven’t blogged anything for more than 3 months, and the last blog entry I have posted was even for an oDesk client. I have been very busy since I have given birth to a wonderful baby boy. Let me show you some of his pictures, and oh yes! I know he’s a cutie.

Markus ZachielMeet my 2-month-old baby, Markus Zachiel, or “Zac”. Okay, I am not a huge fan of Zac Efron. I just really find “Zac” appealing since I was preggy… 😉

I have given birth through cesarean section last July 13, 2013 at Grace General Hospital. Thanks to my ever dearest OB Gyne, Dra. Myrla Duque. Let me just tell you some amazing things about the expereince. I know this is a bit late, I am sorry. Just really had no time to do so.

Okay, so I think some of you know that I was supposed to give birth at Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center, but due to some pregnancy complications, my husband and I decided to just move to a much nearer hospital. It was really a huge decision as Grace General Hospital is just small, not even tertiary. At first I felt sad about Zach because unlike his ate Samantha Yvonne, he will not be welcomed in a bigger and better hospital. But since I was really having a hard time travelling because of Placenta Previa, we have decided to just be confident about the choice, as Dra. Duque is among the best OB Gynecologists we know.

Dra. Myrla Duque was my bestfriend’s doctor when she had given birth to her son. I even asked her, prior to making decision, “Magaling naman, hindi ba? Hindi naman ako mamamatay, ano?” and she answered “Bakit? Namatay ba ako?” It’s not that I was belittling Dra. Duque’s capabilities. I was just really afraid given the fact that I have been handled by Dr. Aurora Quiambao, Capitol Medical Center’s top doctor during my first pregnancy.

Dra. Myrla Duque is indeed a WONDERFUL doctor. No pambobola, but she really is the nicest doctor I have ever known. When you are pregnant, you want to ask EVERYTHING to your doctor and yes, sometimes, even those “nakakahiyang” questions. But with Dra. Duque’s fun and jolly personality, every question that has bothered my mind were answered very well. Check ups were full of laughter — there were no single moment I left her clinic without smile on my face.

Apart from Placenta Previa, just like when I was pregnant to Yvonne,  I have suffered Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. It started as soon as I have entered my third trimester, thus, I was referred to Dr. Arwin David. Another cool doctor, he guided me all throughout the pregnancy journey. Because my sugar was intensely high, I had to shot insulin 3 times a day. Because my meals are not complete without rice, I also had to take in brown sugar instead of the typical one. The whole journey was indeed rough as I had to go through all of these.

Since my first born, Samantha Yvonne, was born through cesarean section, and since Dra. Duque told me that a specific bone within me blocks the baby from coming out, I had no choice but to undergo cesarean section. My mother chose as to when she likes to, and we agreed that Zach will come out on the 13th of July. A lot are quite having second thoughts as I have chosen a not-so-good date, but my mom and I think that it’s the best, according to feng shui as well. 🙂

On the night of July 12, after having dinner with the family, Macky and I went to Grace Hospital which is just a 5-minute ride from the house. We were right away led to the E.R. to do some tests. After an hour, I was transferred to their private room.

I honestly didn’t expect much from the hospital, given that it’s just a small one. But hey, here are some pictures of the private room I stayed in. The room rate is just P1150 a day, with LED TV, aircon, refrigerator, a comfy hospital bed, a couch and my own comfort room. Here are some of the pictures.

Grace General Hospital Private Room1013140_4761139440282_2080194743_nGrace General Hospital Private RoomGrace General Hospital Private RoomThese are just some of the photos I have taken inside the room. It’s definitely nice, and may be compared to high end hospitals.

The next day, around 7:30AM, as scheduled, I was taken inside the operating room for preparation as Dra. Myrla Duque will be arriving at 8AM. My anesthesiologist arrived early and we had some few chit chats. After the preparation, my OB Gyne arrived. We were discussing about the cut that should be made. I have requested to do the vertical uterine incision as I really had a hard time with the bikini cut I had when I gave birth to Yvonne.

Few minutes later, Dr. Arwin David arrived as he wanted to watch how things will turn out, as again, my blood sugar is really heightened. Together with him was the owner of Grace General Hospital, Dr. Edward Tan, as he will be Zach’s pediatrician.

The operating room was amazing. Again, since the hospital is new, their equipment are really nice. Here are some of the pictures inside the operating room while the procedure was occurring.

With my Anesthesiologist.
With my Anesthesiologist.
With nurses, Dr. Duque and Dr. David.
With nurses, Dr. Duque and Dr. David.
Wacky! Hahahaha
Wacky! Hahahaha

I was really groggy throughout the process, as requested, as I remember being too scared when I was giving birth to Yvonne. But, as per Dr. David and Dr, Duque, they were speaking to me all throughout the procedure. I guess I cannot remember any of what I have said. Hehehe.

And here are some of Zach’s pictures when he came out of my tummy. Yes, he’s such a wonderful baby!

Excuse me for the picture. My sliced tummy is visible, hahahahaha!
Excuse me for the picture. My sliced tummy is visible, hahahahaha!


Okay, I know I look awful, but I do not mind looking ugly for as long as I have a handsome baby!
Okay, I know I look awful, but I do not mind looking ugly for as long as I have a handsome baby!

When I have learned that I am pregnant, I have checked out reviews about the doctors who will be looking after me, and I haven’t seen any, thus, I have written this blog. I honestly think that the people behind the procedure are all great and should be given 100% trust.


13 thoughts on “Welcoming Markus Zachiel

  1. Hi, ask ko lng may idea ka kng magkano ang normal delivery kay Dr. Duque, nacheck ko kze na affiliated dn sya sa San Lorenzo Hospital, and plan ko sana doon manganak kze malapit lng sa bahay sa Lagro. Balak ko kze OB, 5 mos pregnant na ko. Thanks.

    1. Sayang hindi ko nakita yung message mo agad. Anyway, wala akong idea kung magkano ang normal delivery pero ang alam ko sa Grace, 15-20k lang ang normal delivery, all in na.

  2. Hi Sis,

    Ask ko lang kung how much inabot sa Grace CS mo? And kung mag kano PF ni Dr. Duque?
    Also may idea ka ba kung mag kano aabutin if mag waward lang kami.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi there! My bill was a bit higher kasi it was delicate. However, it was 50% cheaper compared to tertiary hospitals. Marami kasing doctors around me when I gave birth. Dr. Tan, the owner who happens to be my son’s pedia, was there, also with Dr. David, my endocrinologist. I think you better ask Dr. Duque kung magkano PF nya kasi I think hindi maganda to let other people know how much she charged me, baka maoffend si Dra. But rest assured na she’s a wonderful doctor. My husband and I normally leave her clinic ng tumatawa kasi she’s cool. Her skills are also exceptional.

  3. Hi Ask ko lang din yung range ng total cost ng CS sa Grace si Dra. Duque rin kasi ob ko and sa december ako mnganganak I read na you don’t want to post how much exactly pero can you give me yung range ng total cost para mapaghandaan namin. Thank you very much and godbless 🙂

    1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Ang quotation sakin ni Dra. Duque was 60-80K, hindi pa bawas ng Philhealth. So since 19500 binabawas ni Philhealth, mas mababa sa quotation nya bill ko. 🙂 Complicated pa sakin ha. Kasama namin sa OR si Dr. Tan (owner ng Grace and at the same time Pedia ng son ko), Dr. David (IM since GDM ako), Anesthesiologist and another OB para mag-assist kay Dra. So sobrang mura na sya and guaranteed pa na they value my wellness kasi andaming doctors around. 🙂

      1. Hi thanks for your reply I super appreciate it. I’ve finally decided na sa Grace din manganak thank you ulit and god bless. 😉

      2. Great decision. Who’s going to be your baby’s pedia? Sayang wala na si Dra. Alvarez sa Grace. Magaling din yun and sya pedia ng kids ko. Very maarte kasi ako sa mga doctors. Madaming pedias dito sa San Jose pero si Dra. Alvarez lang ang nakakasagot ng out-of-nowhere question ko. By the way, my husband and I are both on the medical field kaya very particular kami sa mga doctors. Dra. Alvarez’s clinic is located sa taas ng HBC sa Tungko. 🙂

        Paki-regards ako kay Dra. Duque! 🙂

  4. Hello! May I ask po kung saan yung Grace Hospital and schedule ni doctora duque? Im looking for a new OB and birthing hospital kasi mejo mahal ang price na binigay sakin sa FEU at 80k super basic pa daw yun at sa mother palag. Mejo oa. I’m scouting for good but affordable, yung mapapanatag naman yung loob ko. Im living near SM Fairview lang kaya kinoconsider ko rin ang Common Wealth Hospital pero if may makikita sana na mas affordable mas okay. Thank you! hope you reply 🙂

  5. Hi, hope you can still reply kahit na a year ago pa ung blog mo. Sa grace gen din kasi ako manganganak this April but my OB is Dra Michelle Layag. Ask ko lang if you also tried to request for Unang Yakap kahit CS ka. Although I already mentioned it to my OB as part of my birth plan but I just wanted to check if supportive talaga ang hospital sa mga requests ng patients pag actual delivery na.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. Hi there! Congrats on your new baby! Yes, Dra. Duque did the Unang Yakap. Don’t forget to breastfeed your child, too. I hope you’re also a member of Breastfeeding Pinay! 🙂

      1. Hi! Thanks for the reply! Glad to know they do Unang Yakap and yes I’m a member of Breastfeeding Pinay in FB. 🙂 Nirequest ko na nga na ipa-latch agad sakin si baby pagkalabas nia and I wont also bring bottles and formula because I want to exclusively breastfeed.

        By the way, tom PM nako iadmit sa Grace since I’m scheduled for CS on sat 8am.

        Thanks again!

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