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Why I Have Decided to Take my Husband’s Last Name

Macky and I got married on the 18th of December 2010. Prior to the marriage, I was really uncertain especially due to all the failed marriages I have been hearing from friends and celebrities. Months before the big day, I have rigidly contemplated especially on changing my last name.

Yes, women were given a choice – and it’s legal. A woman is allowed to retain her last name, have her last name hyphenated with her husband’s last name, take her husband’s last name, or have a completely different name after marriage.

Thanks to Google, I was able to find the advantages and disadvantages I will be facing with regards to the huge step. I have weighed these factors to ensure that I will be coming up with the right decision. Will it be beneficial to me if I will just change my status and keep my last name, or will it be better if I will just follow what most people do – changing my last name according to my husband’s? Let me cite some factors as to why I have taken the huge leap – marrying the love of my life and using his last name after.

  1. Macky will love it – admit it or not, husbands love to see their wives take them wholly. That includes not just taking the ring and promising a good future in spite of all the challenges that will most likely occur, but also adapting on the change of name and using the husband’s last name on all legal documents. We are pertaining to marital harmony that will be acquired when we, wives, decide to take everything in.
  2. Lesser issues – especially with the keen eyes from the people around us. Some may say that it should never be a problem. “Why should you think about what other people think of you if you do not want to take your husband’s last name?” – a question that is being raised by women who didn’t change their last names after marriage. Admit it, a huge percentage of the society will never understand your reasons as to why would you not change your last name and if you want to stay away from such difficulty, then change it right away after marriage. Anyway, I won’t get “frowns” from my in-laws, hahahahaha!
  3. No need to prove that you are the mother of your kids especially during legal transactions. Traveling abroad will be more complicated if you will be traveling with your kids. You have to bring their birth certificates that will serve as proofs. Same thing with other legal transactions that will concern your children.
  4. Less confusion on children. Macky and I will not need to explain to our kids, Yvonne and Zach, as to why I have a different last name. Surely, my kids will be confused in the near future as to why I didn’t take their father’s. To prevent such occurrence, it is best to really just take Macky’s last name and have mine as my middle name.

These are just some few reasons as to why I have decided to change my last name. Well, it is harder here in the Philippines as I had to visit all the government agencies and organizations I am connected with to update my marital status and last name. But in UK, US and Canada, there are companies, such as I’m a Mrs., that provide name change services for married women.

Name Change Service
Name Change Service

I’m a Mrs., for example, provides legal documents that are needed to be accomplished for faster update. They have consolidated all the probable agencies that you have to visit for the change of last name. They also provide information as to how to do it, whether it’s going to be online or in person.