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Presidential Training for Competitively-Priced Rack Rentals

If you want to pass the CCIE certification but you do not have enough money to shell out, then finding a company that provides CCIE rack rental will surely bring you towards your dream with flying colors.


Among the trusted companies that provide reliable CCIE rack rental is Presidential Training. They have been the leading company that provides competitively-priced equipments needed by an IT expert who would like to be a certified in CCIE. With just a reliable internet connection, you may be able to access their racks which were configured according to different settings such as lab scenario and workbook.


What is nice about Presidential Training is that they provide several packages for their rack rental, thus, you will be certain that you have all the probable choices that will match and compensate your needs. They also allow CCIE candidates to book rack training sessions according to what is more convenient to them. The allowable time is from 4 to 8 hours, but you may be able to book for consecutive hours for longer and more in-depth training. In case something came up, and you may not be able to work on the specified time, then you are also given the capacity to “re-book” the session. If you failed to log in or “re-book” the session before it starts, your session is still not wasted, as they may refund the payment or your account may be prorated for its unused time. Basically, you pay for what you used and if you fail to consume the given time, it will never be forfeited.


Worrying about the price? Well, Presidential Training provides affordable rates, compared to other companies. New clients may also take some discounts depending on the chosen rack rental. Rates of course depend on the chosen rack rental. You pay for each session or day you use. A day is equivalent to 6 sessions, while a session is equivalent to 4 hours.


Once you have decided which rack rental works for you, and have already paid for the fees, you may now check the Rack Scheduler so that you can reserve a slot right away (before anyone does, of course). Available slots are marked green, while unavailable slots are marked pink.


With Presidential Training’s affordable services partnered with passionate employees, they are surely at the top of the pedestal. For more information, visit their website and speak with one of their customer service representatives so you will be guided accordingly.