EnvyDerm · Lip Conditioner

Plumper and Plusher Lips by EnvyDerm’s Lip Conditioner


lip-conditionerVisionaries at EnvyDerm have ventured out into creating the best lip conditioner in the market. EnvyDerm’s Lip volumizing and conditioning plumper is an all-natural wonder that every woman should have. It is made from organic extracts processed to give the best lip plumping and moisturizing result.




EnvyDerm, one of the industry’s leading cosmetic company, has opened a lip care line to complement the highly acclaimed eyelash care merchandise they have. Guided by the same principles, experts at EnvyDerm produced a Paraben and cruelty-free lip volumizing and conditioning plumper readily available in their website.




With EnvyDerm’s lip conditioner, you will never have to worry of chapped and dry lips ever again. It contains about 13 natural extracts with moisture keeping and skin renewal property. Natural components such as Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Spearmint Oil and many more are known to promote skin rejuvenation and moisture retention. Vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin C further reinforces their positive effects.




The all-organic lip conditioner comes in a variety of tints that the consumer can choose from. They rage from sheer to semi-sheer. Lip conditioner tints available are: Amour-Pearl-Rosy Pink, Belle-Pearl-Berry Pink, Cannelle-Pearl-Cinnamon Beige, Coco-Shimmer-Clear, Fleur Nue-Shimmer-Peachy Nude, Je T aime-Shimmer-Strawberry Red, Jolie–Shimmer-Peachy Pink, Lola-Shimmer-True Pink, Mauve-Shimmer-Pink Lilac and Rose Bleu-Shimmer-Blackberry Plum. You can choose the tint that will suit your skin tone and your personality. These tints can either be used in conjunction with your favorite lipstick or stand-alone.




Furthermore, EnvyDerm’s lip conditioner does not easily wear off. It has a lasting high shine gloss that will make your lips kissable and remarkable. Since the lip conditioner stays in your lips longer, you will save precious time allotted for touch ups and realign them into more fruitful activities.




EnvyDerm should also be commended, as the lip conditioner does not give a sticky feeling. Sticky lip conditioners sometimes make the user feel awkward.




Aside from conditioning the lips, EnvyDerm’s revolutionary lip care product is a natural lip plumper. A lip plumper is a cosmetic product that volumize the lips for a fuller and sexier look. The peptides and tripeptides infused in the formula heighten collagen production that will naturally add volume to the lips. This will cause no uncomfortable burning sensation in the lip area unlike other lip plumpers. There will be no sting or pain. EnvyDerm claims that by using the lip conditioner, your lips will be 37 percent fuller straightaway.




Tyler Shields said, “Lips are fingerprints of love.” It plays a lead role in intimate situations as well as in our day-to-day activities like eating and speaking. It mirrors are emotions. Keeping them healthy and sexy is a responsibility we should not neglect.