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How to Lose Weight in a Fast and Efficient Manner?

The holiday season is over and you have surely eaten more than what you normally take. You have probably gained some weight, and that extra pound you’ve gained will take some time to lose. Here are some easy steps you may consider in order for you to be back in shape in a fast and efficient manner.

  1. Maintain a Food Diary. You have to honestly record all the things you have taken during the meal. Avoid skipping important details, no matter how small it is. You have taken a small pack of chocolate — record it. In that way, you will be able to document all the calories you have taken and be able to realize the types of food you have to slash from your daily intake. Studies say that people who maintain a diary lose an average of 6lbs.
  2. Avoid Skipping Meals. Skipping meals is not really healthy at all. It may result to serious illness, especially if you do that often. Not eating your breakfast, lunch or dinner may help you lose some of that extra pound but that is not a healthy option to follow. You surely do not like to see yourself in a hospital bed because of a severe stomach problem.
  3. Make your Own Food at Home.  Preparing your own food will give you the ability to have a meal that matches your daily preferences. When you buy your food outside, you are not aware of the food values you will be able to take from it. If you make your own meal, then you may slash some calories from it. In that way, you will be full without sacrificing your figure and health.
  4. Burn Calories. Though you maintain your figure by eating healthy snacks, you have to also make sure that you will still have some exercise each day. A 30-minute walk will not be too much especially if the benefits are huge.
  5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the healthy snacks you must not miss daily as the vitamins and nutrients that these provide will never be gotten from a burger you have been drooling on. You have to make sure that you take one or more, each day so you will be protected from various illnesses.

Do not deprive yourself from eating something you are craving about. Just make sure that this craving will not be a daily habit if you want to have a healthy body.

Emotions and Decisions

Reminiscing 2012’s Blessings

2012 is indeed a good year for me. It taught me how to be positive about all challenges that may block my way. Also, it has given me a lot of blessings I should really be thankful about. Here are just some of the huge blessings I was able to receive from God Almighty.

1. Thumbtack. Being a writer for Thumbtack is surely a great experience. I was able to be part of the team last April 14, 2012 and it is indeed the best oDesk client I have ever had. I have learned a lot when it comes to weaving words together. I thought I was already good, I didn’t know that I was really not, and Thumbtack helped me on becoming a good and productive writer.

2. Yvonne’s Condition. Everyone knows how worried I am about Yvonne’s condition. She was first diagnosed of having IgA Nephropathy which is a hereditary disease. She was hospitalized twice last year(2012), first one was in June and the second one was in November. The condition made me cry every night, wherein all I want to do is to just hug my baby love and be with her most of the time. Luckily, her Pedia-Nephrologist Dr. Canileure Dayrit told us that we must slash IgA Nephropathy now. My baby is definitely better. I just hope that she will be completely cured as I cannot bear seeing her sick. Yvonne is the reason why I want to wake up each day and I just want what is best for her. I love you, my baby.

3. Yvonne’s Successful Weaning. Yey! After she was hospitalized last June, we had to REALLY stop her from breastfeeding as she was not gaining weight. Thank you to my NYX red lipstick as it was the reason why Yvonne chose to take her formula milk, instead. Now, from 10.2 kg, she is now weighing 13 kg, and still getting heavier as she eats a lot of healthy snacks these days and still, take her milk 7x a day. You may say that 7 bottles a day is too much, but then, she needs to gain some weight so we’re now stopping her yet. 🙂

4. The Second Blessing. Attending Arthur’s wedding without my period made me think. Last October, I even told Macky that I will be having my 2nd day menstruation on a dear friend’s wedding, which is definitely terrible. But then, it didn’t arrive. Like, whoah! We even visited Macky’s family at Gapan, Nueva Ecija for 3 days. As soon as we’re back, I bought 2 pregnancy test kits. I was so confused, I didn’t wait for the morning to come. I had the test at 5 in the afternoon. The first kid, 2 lines. Flabbergasted and of course, would like to be sure, I even took the 2nd, and YEY! Still positive. ❤ That evening, when Macky arrived, he was even joking about me, being pregnant. Asked him, “hindi mo pa ba nakikita?” and I handed him the 2 kits. He was smiling wholeheartedly, and hugged and kissed me. A great blessing, indeed. 2 weeks after, we almost lost the baby after being tired of cleaning for 2 days. But with my very nice Ob-Gyne Dra. Leah Dacanay-Cruz, she instructed me to take Duvadilan and Duphaston 3x a day. Imagine, that was 3 in the morning and she replied in less than 5 minutes. Macky and my cousin Krister went to Mercury Drug, Lagro right away to buy the needed medicines. That same day, we visited Dr. Cruz’s and I was instructed to continue taking the medicines for a week and must have a COMPLETE BED REST. That means, I was not allowed to stand and do anything heavy, if I really like to keep the new blessing. And oh well, I am still glad that my baby is now safe inside my womb. We had the 2nd TVS last December 18, and my baby was so giddy while being shown on the screen. Yay! Ate Yvonne and Papa Macky was definitely happy when they saw how “kulit” our new baby love is. Hehehe.

Overall, 2012 is definitely a wonderful year for us. I hope, 2013 will be greater than the previous year. I know it will be great, if Macky, Yvonne and I will continue the love and affection towards each other. Nothing can bring us down. We are all positive about it. ❤

Hello, 2013. I am ready for you!