The Search for No Clump Mascara

No Clump Mascara

Makeups are women’s staple tools. Each one of us has our own beauty kits containing our favorite shades of eye shadow, lipstick and our ever trustworthy and maybe favorite aesthetic ammunition – the no clump mascara. A mascara is used to enhance the eye area. It creates the illusion of darker, thicker and lengthier lashes thereby giving your eyes a more expressive and luscious look.

A good no clump mascara is very hard to come by. Especially if you’re also looking for a kind which is also cruelty-free. Cruelty-free mascara is a type of mascara, which does not entail animal testing. For years a lot of activist groups have been campaigning for the production cruelty-free mascara and other cosmetic and personal care products. There are some companies who already engage in the production of a no clump, cruelty-free mascara. We just have to more alert and observant.

Should you be lucky enough to find your cruelty-free mascara, there are many ways to ensure that clumping does not occur during use.

No clump mascara includes the right brush in the package. According to makeup experts, the brush used to apply the cruelty-free mascara is essential to prevent clumping.

As we all know, there are various types of mascara brushes. Each has its own benefit. An arched brush gives the lashes an upward curl while thick and hard brushes promote even and thick coating. Whatever kind the brushes it may be, to guarantee no clump mascara application,brushes should always be cleaned before usage.

Aside from clean brushes, the size of the wand may also ensure that you have no clump mascara. Longer wands will allow more even application.

Another factor to check before using your cruelty-free mascara is the ingredients. No clump mascara usually contains silk extract and glycerin. These components make your lashes appear more defined and separated giving you that professional and clean look.

Application technique also matters. Using the long wand with perfect brushes packaged with your cruelty-free mascara, start with the base of your eyelashes; follow a zigzagging motion until you reach the tips. By following the aforementioned movement, your lashes will be separated and properly coated.

Furthermore, always remember not to over layer each coat. It is recommended to use no more than three strokes (inner, middle & outside), let it dry first then repeat if necessary and you will have a perfect, no clump mascara.

Lastly, though your perfect cruelty-free mascara might be a little costly, you should not add water or any substance for that matter whenever the tube runs low. It will pave way for bacteria growth. It is also messy and will make your mascara lose its good coloring. Buying a new cruelty-free, no clump mascara is cheaper and safer.

The combination of the right product and technique will definitely make your day.