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The Best No Clump Mascara is a Cruelty-free Mascara

Cruelty-Free Mascara

Have you every thought whether your favorite no clump mascara is cruelty-free mascara? Simply, I say, the best no clump mascara is also a cruelty-free mascara!

The other day, I was watching reruns of Castle Season 2, a series about a witty mystery writer, Richard Castle who found his muse and inspiration in the person of a smart and beautiful murder detective, Kate Beckett. Together and with the help of the whole police station, these two solve crazy murders in a fun, informative and engaging way. I was on the 23rd episode entitled “Overkill,” when the thought about animal testing and cosmetic companies hit me.

A man named Damian got killed by a gunshot and bludgeoning. Damian owns a cosmetic company that deals with male-centered products like a shaving cream that comes out hot from the can. During the onset of the investigation, it was portrayed that animal activist groups might be behind the murder as Damian’s company has been receiving various threats from animal rights groups because they are said to be conducting animal experiments.

It is no secret that a lot of lab rats think that animal testing is good science and is necessary to create the best no clump mascara and other cosmetic products. People will pay good money for high quality cosmetics. Personally, given that a no clump mascara is almost my best buddy, I would not care much about how it was produced as long as it does the deed. Watching the show made me question my lack of care as to whether my no clump mascara is a humane innovation.

First, companies that adhere to animal testing say that consumers feel more secure and safe if the products are first tested on animals. They said that all advancement not only in the cosmetic industry but also in the medical field is attributable to animal testing. This is not necessarily true. There is no concrete proof that by testing your no clump mascara into rabbits and guinea pigs will make them safer. Besides, there are other experiments that can be conducted to determine the level of safety of cosmetic products. Responsible companies have settled for less costly, more humane and ethical testing measures to produce cruelty-free mascaras and other products.

Second, some companies claim that the process in which they subject the animal is not really harmful. Animal rights activists will say otherwise. Rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals that are used to test the safety of products most of the time end up dead. Using cruelty-free mascaras and other cosmetics will save these little creatures from a sad fate.

A lot of nations had already realized the benefit of supporting only cruelty-free mascaras and other similar goods. The European Union already issued a banned on products that require animal testing. China and India are heading on the same direction.

Though in the end, Damian was killed because he wants to come clean with his product and his business associates could not risk losing their investments and career. Thus, it is imperative that we check on our cosmetic tools. We must not support products that are not cruelty-free even if it’s the best no clump mascara in town.

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EnvyDerm’s Lengthening Mascara: A Highly Efficient Organic Eye Enhancer

envyderm-mascaraCharlotte Bronte in Jane Eyre said, “The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – the eyes.” As the quote says, the eyes are the windows to our soul. Enhancing them will be of great benefit to our overall perspective. Use trusted eye-enhancing products such as EnvyDerm’s lengthening mascara. Its organic formulation coupled with the latest cosmetic technological innovation will help you achieve those impressive eyes.


In a survey conducted by, it was revealed that most women’s first choice of makeup is Mascara. EnvyDerm is known for producing cosmetic products that brings forth a harmonious balance between technology and well being. Part of the company’s acclaimed and established eyelash care product line is volumizing and lengthening mascara – the Black Volume Mascara.


EnvyDerm’s volumizing and lengthening mascara can make the consumer’s lashes grow thicker and longer using a combination of friendly peptides and natural extracts. With continuous exposure, EnvyDerm promises long-term eyelash beautifying effect.


EnvyDerm’s team of cosmetic experts had combined peptides with hydrolyzed keratin to promote growth and repair of hair follicles along the lash line in their volumizing and lengthening mascara. Peptides are bonded amino acids antecedent to protein formation, which can either be produced naturally or synthetically. Naturally produced peptides help in a variety of bodily functions by interacting with target cells. Meanwhile, cosmetic companies use synthetically produced peptides to enhance their creations. Keratins are hair-building fibers.


Aside from the aforementioned, EnvyDerm also takes pride in incorporating natural extracts in the volumizing and lengthening mascara. The formula contains organic components such as Moroccan Argan Oil, Beewax, Carnuba Wax, Candillia Wax, Comfrey Root, Alfalfa Extract, Arnica Extract, Honey Extract, Chamomile, Kelp Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Nettle Extra, etc. EnvyDerm’s founder Nadia Smith is one of the first people to recognize the benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil, often referred as “liquid gold” in recognition of the wide-ranging benefits it provide. Sometimes, it is even used to treat hair and skin diseases. Beewax, Carnuba and Candilla help moisturize, soften and lubricate the lashes and are very hypoallergenic. Alfalfa is rich with antioxidants.


It also contains vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B5.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radical action.


For short-time benefits, EnvyDerm’s lengthening mascara uses plush nylon and polymers. These fibers are left in the lashes to make them look longer. The natural waxes mentioned above helps shape the eyelashes into your desired look.


EnvyDerm also gave a lot of thought regarding the wand used as applicator for their volumizing and lengthening mascara. The wand has a distinctive hourglass shape designed to isolate lashes from one another for a more efficient and defined application, thus prevents clumping. It is also a little big for the tube to prevent excessive use of the formula.


Bat those perfect eyelashes by EnvyDerm’s Lengthening Mascara. With its organic formulation and versatile wand, you will instantly have sexy, remarkable and dreamy eyes framed by long and thick lashes. It is clump-free and a money saver.