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Presidential Training for Competitively-Priced Rack Rentals

If you want to pass the CCIE certification but you do not have enough money to shell out, then finding a company that provides CCIE rack rental will surely bring you towards your dream with flying colors.


Among the trusted companies that provide reliable CCIE rack rental is Presidential Training. They have been the leading company that provides competitively-priced equipments needed by an IT expert who would like to be a certified in CCIE. With just a reliable internet connection, you may be able to access their racks which were configured according to different settings such as lab scenario and workbook.


What is nice about Presidential Training is that they provide several packages for their rack rental, thus, you will be certain that you have all the probable choices that will match and compensate your needs. They also allow CCIE candidates to book rack training sessions according to what is more convenient to them. The allowable time is from 4 to 8 hours, but you may be able to book for consecutive hours for longer and more in-depth training. In case something came up, and you may not be able to work on the specified time, then you are also given the capacity to “re-book” the session. If you failed to log in or “re-book” the session before it starts, your session is still not wasted, as they may refund the payment or your account may be prorated for its unused time. Basically, you pay for what you used and if you fail to consume the given time, it will never be forfeited.


Worrying about the price? Well, Presidential Training provides affordable rates, compared to other companies. New clients may also take some discounts depending on the chosen rack rental. Rates of course depend on the chosen rack rental. You pay for each session or day you use. A day is equivalent to 6 sessions, while a session is equivalent to 4 hours.


Once you have decided which rack rental works for you, and have already paid for the fees, you may now check the Rack Scheduler so that you can reserve a slot right away (before anyone does, of course). Available slots are marked green, while unavailable slots are marked pink.


With Presidential Training’s affordable services partnered with passionate employees, they are surely at the top of the pedestal. For more information, visit their website and speak with one of their customer service representatives so you will be guided accordingly.

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How to Lose Weight in a Fast and Efficient Manner?

The holiday season is over and you have surely eaten more than what you normally take. You have probably gained some weight, and that extra pound you’ve gained will take some time to lose. Here are some easy steps you may consider in order for you to be back in shape in a fast and efficient manner.

  1. Maintain a Food Diary. You have to honestly record all the things you have taken during the meal. Avoid skipping important details, no matter how small it is. You have taken a small pack of chocolate — record it. In that way, you will be able to document all the calories you have taken and be able to realize the types of food you have to slash from your daily intake. Studies say that people who maintain a diary lose an average of 6lbs.
  2. Avoid Skipping Meals. Skipping meals is not really healthy at all. It may result to serious illness, especially if you do that often. Not eating your breakfast, lunch or dinner may help you lose some of that extra pound but that is not a healthy option to follow. You surely do not like to see yourself in a hospital bed because of a severe stomach problem.
  3. Make your Own Food at Home.  Preparing your own food will give you the ability to have a meal that matches your daily preferences. When you buy your food outside, you are not aware of the food values you will be able to take from it. If you make your own meal, then you may slash some calories from it. In that way, you will be full without sacrificing your figure and health.
  4. Burn Calories. Though you maintain your figure by eating healthy snacks, you have to also make sure that you will still have some exercise each day. A 30-minute walk will not be too much especially if the benefits are huge.
  5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the healthy snacks you must not miss daily as the vitamins and nutrients that these provide will never be gotten from a burger you have been drooling on. You have to make sure that you take one or more, each day so you will be protected from various illnesses.

Do not deprive yourself from eating something you are craving about. Just make sure that this craving will not be a daily habit if you want to have a healthy body.

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Reminiscing 2012’s Blessings

2012 is indeed a good year for me. It taught me how to be positive about all challenges that may block my way. Also, it has given me a lot of blessings I should really be thankful about. Here are just some of the huge blessings I was able to receive from God Almighty.

1. Thumbtack. Being a writer for Thumbtack is surely a great experience. I was able to be part of the team last April 14, 2012 and it is indeed the best oDesk client I have ever had. I have learned a lot when it comes to weaving words together. I thought I was already good, I didn’t know that I was really not, and Thumbtack helped me on becoming a good and productive writer.

2. Yvonne’s Condition. Everyone knows how worried I am about Yvonne’s condition. She was first diagnosed of having IgA Nephropathy which is a hereditary disease. She was hospitalized twice last year(2012), first one was in June and the second one was in November. The condition made me cry every night, wherein all I want to do is to just hug my baby love and be with her most of the time. Luckily, her Pedia-Nephrologist Dr. Canileure Dayrit told us that we must slash IgA Nephropathy now. My baby is definitely better. I just hope that she will be completely cured as I cannot bear seeing her sick. Yvonne is the reason why I want to wake up each day and I just want what is best for her. I love you, my baby.

3. Yvonne’s Successful Weaning. Yey! After she was hospitalized last June, we had to REALLY stop her from breastfeeding as she was not gaining weight. Thank you to my NYX red lipstick as it was the reason why Yvonne chose to take her formula milk, instead. Now, from 10.2 kg, she is now weighing 13 kg, and still getting heavier as she eats a lot of healthy snacks these days and still, take her milk 7x a day. You may say that 7 bottles a day is too much, but then, she needs to gain some weight so we’re now stopping her yet. 🙂

4. The Second Blessing. Attending Arthur’s wedding without my period made me think. Last October, I even told Macky that I will be having my 2nd day menstruation on a dear friend’s wedding, which is definitely terrible. But then, it didn’t arrive. Like, whoah! We even visited Macky’s family at Gapan, Nueva Ecija for 3 days. As soon as we’re back, I bought 2 pregnancy test kits. I was so confused, I didn’t wait for the morning to come. I had the test at 5 in the afternoon. The first kid, 2 lines. Flabbergasted and of course, would like to be sure, I even took the 2nd, and YEY! Still positive. ❤ That evening, when Macky arrived, he was even joking about me, being pregnant. Asked him, “hindi mo pa ba nakikita?” and I handed him the 2 kits. He was smiling wholeheartedly, and hugged and kissed me. A great blessing, indeed. 2 weeks after, we almost lost the baby after being tired of cleaning for 2 days. But with my very nice Ob-Gyne Dra. Leah Dacanay-Cruz, she instructed me to take Duvadilan and Duphaston 3x a day. Imagine, that was 3 in the morning and she replied in less than 5 minutes. Macky and my cousin Krister went to Mercury Drug, Lagro right away to buy the needed medicines. That same day, we visited Dr. Cruz’s and I was instructed to continue taking the medicines for a week and must have a COMPLETE BED REST. That means, I was not allowed to stand and do anything heavy, if I really like to keep the new blessing. And oh well, I am still glad that my baby is now safe inside my womb. We had the 2nd TVS last December 18, and my baby was so giddy while being shown on the screen. Yay! Ate Yvonne and Papa Macky was definitely happy when they saw how “kulit” our new baby love is. Hehehe.

Overall, 2012 is definitely a wonderful year for us. I hope, 2013 will be greater than the previous year. I know it will be great, if Macky, Yvonne and I will continue the love and affection towards each other. Nothing can bring us down. We are all positive about it. ❤

Hello, 2013. I am ready for you!

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Kagandahan Onlineshoppe’s Affordable Mom and Baby Terno

I used to like Twilo and Purple Candy’s items as these are both available for babies and mommies. But when you have a growing child and your bills are getting higher, you will definitely find these items expensive. Therefore, I was not able to buy much from them.

Luckily, I have found various Facebook online shops that offer well-sewn dresses for moms and babies at a competitive price. Unfortunately, some of the online shops I have found were hot-headed (LOL). Just based on what I see on their wall posts, they always rant about payments and unsuccessful transactions. I am an online shop owner, and like them, sometimes I get mad. But as much as possible, issues are tackled privately so as to not drag someone’s name. And because of that, no matter how affordable their products are, if they do have these bad attitudes, then I won’t waste time purchasing items from them. Oh by the way, I always pay on time so I do not need to worry about receiving negative comments from them, but I still do not like how they treat their clients. 🙂

Okay, so after the long search, I have found Kagandahan Onlineshoppe, owned by Ms. Audrey Rose Elegado. Sis Audrey is definitely nice. She replied right away and answered my questions without any hesitations. She was very nice all throughout the transaction which made me love her shop even more. Her mom-and-baby terno dresses are offered for as low as 350php — so I ordered 3 dresses right away!

At first, I was having second thoughts. I mean, what would you expect from cheap dresses? I bet the cloth is not nice. BUT I WAS WRONG! I was flabbergasted upon seeing her dresses. They were perfectly sewn and the cloths that were used are very comfortable. Here are some of the dresses I have brought from her.

Affrodable Mom and Baby Terno Dresses
Affrodable Mom and Baby Terno Dresses

These dresses where worn during Yvonne’s checkup.

Kagandahan Onlineshoppe Mom and Baby Dresses
Kagandahan Onlineshoppe Mom and Baby Dresses

At G Hotel, during a friend’s wedding

Kagandahan Onlineshoppe Mom and Baby Dresses
Kagandahan Onlineshoppe Mom and Baby Dresses

With my husband, still at G Hotel during a wedding.

Kagandahan Onlineshoppe Mom and Baby Dresses
Kagandahan Onlineshoppe Mom and Baby Dresses

And my little Yvonne, modeling her dress.

Haven’t worn the red one yet. I am planning to wear them on New Year and will post pictures right away. ❤

Sis Audrey uploads new dresses every week. So if you want to grab your own terno dresses, check out her online shop right away!

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Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 Review

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013
Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 Review

Say hello to my lovely Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013! Yes, hello, Bellas! I am definitely one of the women who enjoy how wonderful BDJ planners are. I am a mother and being one, I need to organize my day well so as to ensure that I will not forget my sole duty — to provide my daughter the love and affection she needs. And BDJ helps me to become the mother I should always be.

I ordered online last December 17 and payed the purchase through Dragonpay. I actually even had some problems as I was not able to click the confirmation code they sent me that is why my planner arrived late. I had to email the Belle de Jour team last December 19 after being worried as to why I haven’t gotten my planner yet. They were so nice, they assisted me of the things I have to do as they said that the current status of my order is still pending. Luckily I was able to figure out what went wrong. Hehe.

BDJ Power Planner 2013 Lifestyle Card
BDJ Power Planner 2013 Lifestyle Card

The planner comes with a BDJ Card. It is a lifestyle card which may be used in various partner stores and avail some discounts. Isn’t that amazing? I just hope they will get some partners from various shops around Fairview. I live in Bulacan and the nearest mall is SM Fairview. There are only few shops I could use my card with, and I think I won’t be able to use it that much. <insert sad face>

BDJ Power Planner 2013 Discount Coupons
BDJ Power Planner 2013 Discount Coupons

Okay, so another highlight of this wonderful Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 is the discount coupons inside. These are definitely wonderful IF you have a lot of cash! Hahaha. Well, some coupons have a minimum single receipt purchase so you will be able to use them. I have been using BDJ since 2012 and honestly, I was not able to use the coupons. Yea, not a single coupon was detached on my planner. I guess it’s because I do not adore shopping stuff for myself. I usually buy stuff for my Yvonne, no matter how expensive they may seem. But for myself, uh-oh! I am not really a shopping whore.

BDJ 2013 Menstrual Tracker
BDJ 2013 Menstrual Tracker

This, for sure, will be left blank. 🙂 I am 10 weeks pregnant, therefore, no menstruation will be tracked. ;P

BDJ 2013 Vacation Planner
BDJ 2013 Vacation Planner

The Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013’s vacation planner. I just wish they have created at least 4 pages. 2 pages are not enough, especially to those who enjoy having wonderful vacay so much. But then, this is definitely wonderful as you will be able organize your vacation well, without forgetting all the important stuff you need to bring with you. You will also be guided well on following the budget you have allotted for your travel. No more broken bank accounts only if you will be very smart in planning and organizing your vacay!

BDJ Power Planner 2013
BDJ Power Planner 2013

And what I love most about my Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 is the daily pages where I can write my schedules. I am not like any other women who work in the office. I have been working for Thumbtack since April 2012. The workload isn’t really stressful but apart from that, I also have various SEO projects which are quite hard to manage, especially that I am being required to write various articles. By keeping my activities well-tracked, I no longer need to cram about finishing my tasks.

The Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 is definitely a must-have. I have compared it with various planners available online, and I believe that the BDJ 2013 is the most helpful among them all. So if you want to have an organized 2013, then you must grab your own BDJ planner now!

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A Promise to My Children

I will make sure that I will always be considerate and will never be a burden. Will always consider what my kids feel, and will not be thinking about my own good. Will also ensure that I will not be the cause of their pain as I know, being a mother, it is my sole duty to provide them the things they need.

I will also ensure that my grandchildren are well-loved. Will think about their needs first before my own. They are precious gifts from heaven, they must be valued wholeheartedly.

I promise I won’t be like her. Inconsiderate and selfish.